Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Boston

It's not you... it's me.

We both know that this has been a long time coming. It's been a great (and sometimes not-so-great) eight years, but I think it's time we go our separate ways.

I know, I know. I've been threatening to leave you for the last three years (especially during the winter of 2010-2011). But this time... this time I mean it.

Don't get me wrong... you're wonderful. During our time together I've discovered my passions and connected with countless incredible people and communities. You've patiently supported me through more than a few personal transformations.

I'm just ready for something different. Something uncomfortable. Something to test me, to challenge the beliefs and the values I've come to accept as my own.

The truth is, without the struggles and triumphs we've gone through together, I'd probably never have the balls to attempt an adventure like this.

I hope we can still be friends.


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  1. Just read the two first articles of your blog. Long life to travel and experimentation!