Tuesday, October 8, 2013

15 Hours in the Beautiful BC

The first stop after leaving NYC was beautiful British Columbia, Canada for a fifteen hour layover in Vancouver. Our flight had its ups and downs. A high point was sharing a row with the coolest self medicator... ever. He swiftly relieved his sinus pressure with self-administered facial acupuncture shortly after take-off... I mean, those babies were in before the fasten seatbelt sign had even been switched off. The low point was the GF airplane meal and Hillary's inability to keep it inside her. The Dramamine took effect a little too late but at least our Dexter marathon kept us distracted.

When we arrived at YVR International airport we found a comfortable (relatively speaking) and quiet corner to rest our bones on our packs for a few hours. We decided to forego getting a hotel due to the time constraint, and we felt that sleep would be best if reserved for the thirteen hour flight ahead. After waking to the steadily increasing hustle and bustle of airport foot traffic, we boarded the sky train from the airport to the Vancouver waterfront. After some swiss coffee, we took the 3 bus to a quirky, alternative diner Sarah had discovered during a previous visit. At The Wallflower, we enjoyed bottomless cups of joe and split a breakfast of poutine and apple cinnamon french toast. This alone made the layover worth our while (#foodies).


We spent the remainder of the morning walking through the city and settling in Gastown to poke around the understated boutiques and antique shops. We were able to satiate our maple cravings and catch a hazy view of the waterfront before grabbing the sky train directly back to the airport.


Vancouver is a beautiful city, but beyond that, we were left feeling that the encounters we had there that morning were too fortuitous to go unacknowledged. We independently concluded that our experience there, although very brief, was an indicator we are on the right path together on this trip. We made acquaintances with a friendly local on the bus who had connections to Sarah's past and he offered friendly conversation and an intention to stay in touch. We will definitely be contacting him if and when we pass through the Pacific northwest again to discuss our travels over brunch.

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