Friday, October 25, 2013

So Long Chiang Mai

In less than 6 hours, we'll be on a plane to Bali, Indonesia! More accurately, we will actually be on a plane to Bangkok and then to Kuala Lumpur for layovers, but should arrive in Indonesia tomorrow (Saturday) evening.

Tonight as we strolled back from a final farewell dinner with our friends from our school, Sarah and I both expressed how we cannot believe we just spent nearly one month in this city. Time really does fly. We had quite a bit of structure with the program at our school, and we did keep very busy when we weren't in class, but still... we can't really wrap our heads around the fact that this first phase of our travels is drawing to a close.

Even though things started off a little dicey, we've gotten extremely comfortable in Chiang Mai. We know our way around the city, we can haggle any songthaew driver down to 20 baht, and we have many favorite restaurants and bars (even a favorite hospital!). It's a good feeling to be riding through the old city and know exactly where you are, what landmark you're about to pass, or where the driver should turn next. While I'm sure we only experienced a fraction of what Chiang Mai has to offer, it was enough for us to begin to get familiar. We are both looking forward to returning in the (near) future, and I know that when we do, it'll feel like coming back to a home away from home.

Like I said, we've kept pretty busy since we've been here, and haven't been posting on here as much as we feel like we should. We have a backlog of posts to write and places to review, and rest assured that it's all coming! On the other hand, though, we've enjoyed letting ourselves unplug and not be attached to devices/technology, or even be behind the lens of a camera all the time.

We'll check in once we land in Bali!

Sawatdee Thailand!

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