Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chiang Mai - Wild Rose Yoga Studio and Some Fresh Eats


This blog wouldn't be living up to its name if it didn't have at least one yoga studio review on it, right?!

Since we arrived in Thailand, we've been quite busy with full-time classes and weekend adventures. Beyond practicing with classmates at school or on our own, we haven't had much time to check out the yoga scene in Chiang Mai.

We did make it to a couple of classes at Wild Rose Yoga, and were consistently impressed. The studio is absolutely beautiful, and was conveniently located (for us) in the old city, not too far from the south wall. Mats and natural mosquito repellent were provided (the studio space is somewhat open-air). The students seemed to be mostly foreigners, and both teachers that we experienced were Westerners.


Wild Rose definitely caters to a specific clientele, and they're not shy about it - Rose (the owner) will tell you straight up that her studio is meant for "more advanced" asana practitioners, and she can tell you about other studios in the city if you're looking for a different feel. The studio had a similar energy to many American/western studios - it had the attitude of a studio you could find in L.A. or NYC. Wild Rose draws well-known teachers from all over the world for all manner of workshops and special events, and they are well-connected in the yoga scene in Thailand, Bali, and beyond.


After one of the classes, we chatted up a few girls who were doing a study abroad program together. They had been around Chiang Mai for a while, so we figured they would have a solid recommendation for a post-vinyasa lunch spot.


They pointed us to The Salad Concept in the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood, with the promise that we'd find delicious, fresh, clean, and (most importantly) cheap salads, along with smoothies and fresh juices. They definitely delivered! For 60 baht ($2.00 US) you get a huge salad with 5 toppings and a homemade dressing of your choice. Meat/protein can be added for about $1 more. Not bad, right?!


Not only was it affordable, but everything was super fresh and you could tell that they followed proper food safety practices. There's indoor and outdoor seating to choose from, and also a community board near the bathrooms with posters and fliers for all things yoga and wellness related. We had our first taste of fresh vegetables since leaving the states, and will definitely go back the next time we're in Chiang Mai!


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