Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My New Favorite Restaurant in Ubud

Maybe 'restaurant' is a strong word. 'Roadside eatery' is still generous, but it's a more accurate description. This place doesn't even have a name, but serves up some of the best pork satay I've ever had, alongside strange-in-a-delicious-way slices of boiled rice. Simple, flavorful, cheap, and delicious. It's not vegetarian-friendly (which excludes about 90% of Ubud tourists/Expats) and doesn't have much variety on the menu, but I'm not picky.


I've never seen another foreigner eating here, and they wouldn't win any gold stars for hygiene, but its so fresh that they literally take it off the grill and serve it, which kills the germs, right? I've eaten here at least four times this week and (knock on wood) haven't gotten any Bali Belly to speak of. There's usually a steady stream of locals from what I've seen, which is always a good sign.

After my first visit I started asking for 'no pedas,' which means 'no hot sauce' or, 'for the love of Annapoorna, spare me the eternal pain of your fire-sauce from hell'. If you're one of those freaks people that dares a restaurant to make your dish as spicy as humanly possible... fly here, eat it, and try not to weep. I dare you.


The only negative about this gem of a find is that it doesn't seem to have regular operating hours. They're usually there in the mid-afternoon through early evening, but I can never be sure. Some days they're not open at all. When I round the corner from my guesthouse every afternoon, if I see the telltale smoke coming from the tiny charcoal grill, a little part of me feels like I struck the streetmeat lottery.

For 10,000 rupiah (~ $0.85) you get rice, 6 fresh sticks of satay, and (if you have a death wish) homemade hot sauce. They'll wrap it for you in paper to take away, or serve it up on a plate for you to eat there. This place is so exclusive, there are only three seats (and two of them are plastic kiddy-stools).


If you're feeling adventurous, you can find it on Jalan Sugriwa near the Namaste store, maybe 20 meters east of the intersection with Jalan Hanoman, on the south side of the street. If they're closed, you'll just see a blue tarp covering a lump on the ground - better luck next time. But if you catch them while they're doing their thing - don't miss out!


  1. Looks awesome! though I can't tolerate spiciness... I know.. lame !

    1. I'm a wimp about it too Mathilde! Although my tolerance has increased considerably here :)

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I have driven by several times and did not realize it was a "restaurant" - we will check it out!

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